How we operate

We have a unique approach to every client. Owners personally analyze the parking needs of each location and work together with the on-site managers and valet attendants until perfect operation is established.
Valet Pros offers professional valet parking services for every occasion- your business, home, office or just a special event.
Details about our Professional Valet Services :


  1. Customer service: Customer service is of the utmost importance and presents the company cornerstone. Our staff is trained and experienced in providing the highest quality of service, always friendly, smiling and ready to assist every customer needs. Our company staff comes from Naples Area, with excellent knowledge of the city landmarks and businesses. Valet attendants have clean driving records with at least two years experience. Owners and/or management will be present at all times to ensure customer satisfaction.

2. Security: All valet attendants are experienced in this area and professional individuals 21 years of age or older, with clean driving records and verified security background checks.
– Lot security: All cars are locked and checked by a supervisor. Lot will be secured by having a visible “no entry” sign at every entry point minimizing incoming and outgoing traffic from general public. If particular location experiencing heavy amount of incoming and outgoing traffic, staff member will be placed in lots.
– Key security: All keys are kept locked in professional valet parking podium with corresponding ticket attached to the key ring where staff members are the only one having access to it.

3. Proof of insurance: We are fully insured with high coverage limits to ensure that everyone is protected.

4. Equipment: Advanced technology valet signs (including LED signs) and podiums capable of holding 100 keys or more if needed, with key locks will be provided. Signs are easily viewable and understandable following the City Ordinance Chapter 58:1134 regulations. Each location will have sign clearly marking the company name, cost of the service (if any), hours of operation and phone number for any complains or compliments providing 24 hour customer support. Also directional signs and signs helping to secure parking lots will be provided. Our signs are designed especially for valet parking operations and tested to multiple 60 mph plus impact resulted in no damage to the test car or the sign. Three part tickets numbered with unique serial number, blank space for marking the type and model of the vehicle, company name and phone number.

5. Oversight of staff: Owner and/or manager will be present and work together with the valet attendants to ensure customer satisfaction and smooth operation. Control forms providing the number of vehicles serviced for the day will be kept at each location.

6. Accommodating late returning customers: Signs will be providing the hours of operation and valet attendants will inform each and every customer about the closing time for the day of operation. Valet attendants will wait for a period of one hour after the closing time for every late returning customer and then secure the vehicle into the designated parking area and return the vehicle keys to the company office. Upon received call from a customer, vehicle keys will be personally delivered to the customer at the location of the vehicle.

7. Uniforms: Uniforms consist of black pants or shorts, black polo shirts with Valet Pros logo embroidered on the left upper portion of the shirt. Upon request your business name and logo can be added to our uniform design. Clean shave, clean cut and professional appearance is required from all of the employees.

8. Transportation: Valet Pros LLC has a transportation division providing excellent luxury town car service at special price for the customers of their valet accounts. Customer cars can be delivered to their homes (Naples area only) upon request.

9. Statement of qualifications and similar paid experience: Our Company has been in the valet parking business for over nine years providing excellent customer service for many upscale businesses (restaurants, hotels, real estate, nightclubs) in downtown Naples. Valet Pros LLC is the current holder of the exclusive valet parking permit for 5th Avenue South, Naples FL selected by “Fifth Avenue Business Improvement District” and approved by “Naples City Council”. We provide high quality, fast and care free valet parking for the customers of all 5th Avenue businesses and we would love to replicate that for your customers and your business.

10. Cost: Our rate will be negotiable at your discretion depending on your needs.